film & documentaries
During his 40 years of travelling in Latin America, Mo Fini has researched and shot many educational documentaries for educational purposes. You can see some of his work in
In 1992 Mo Fini achieved his most ambitious project to date. After researching the lives of the Q’eros, a hidden community in the heart of the Andes, he set off with a film crew of 10 people accompanied by some 14 horses and 30 kgs of film stock. The expedition took 29 days of filming and walking. The Q’eros, ”in the search of last Incas” who lived at an altitude of 5000 metres above sea leval have lived in isolation from the rest of the world, awaiting the re-appearance of the Inca. This documentary was later shown internationally and is now available on youtube.
In 2017 after Mo Fini spending some 30 years recording and filming videos in Cuba he wrote the script “Mambo Man” as well as financing and co-directing it with his friend Edesio Alejandro. The film is inspired by the life of one Mo’s close friends in Cuba. The movie is due to be finished during the early summer of 2018. For further information please visit