Tumi Crafts Ltd
Tumi began when founder Mo Fini fell in love with Latin America, its people and diverse cultures, during his first trip in 1979. He forged a link between that continent and this one by bringing a small range of Latin American crafts back to the UK to sell. Over the years that range has evolved and diversified, encompassing everything that the Latin American artisan has to offer. The online collection presents a comprehensive range of indigenous Latin American crafts. Practical and enduring, these unique, individual objects enhance and compliment any style of decor from the contemporary to the traditional.
Tumi Music Ltd
Tumi Music is the result of almost 20 years of travelling, eating, sharing and living in Latin America. It gives Mo Fini great pleasure to be able to share with you through music some of these moments and to explore the cultural heritage of this rich continent. Tumi Music prides itself on promoting with enthusiasm and foresight, popular, new and traditional music as well as forms of music which were previously unknown.
Tumi Music Licensing
Tumi Licensing is where you will find music from all corners of Latin America and African roots. If you are in an industry of any kind and looking to make CD compilations or need latin music for TV, film, video, games, commercials and media sycronisations then this site must be for you.